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Rocky Palumbo interviews Pastor Phil on the

UK Bitcoin Master YouTube Show

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Phil and Linda Vollman devoted their adult lives to helping others like caring for unwanted children until they could be placed with adopting families. Two of the children that the Vollman's cared for had disabilities which made it hard to find a family to adopt, so the Vollman's ended up adopting Katie and Daniel themselves.

Click HERE to read more about Phil and Linda's lives.

Phil found out about Bitcoin in 2013 and started buying it soon after. Not having much money, he could only buy small amounts at a time. In 2016 he bought a Trezor hardware wallet and started sending his bitcoins there and continued buying whenever he could.

Phil was not building his Bitcoin position to buy Lambo's or other luxuries. He was saving them to leave behind for his wife and Katie.

The Phishing or DNS/BGP hijacking Attack

On June 6th, 2018 Phil's Trezor needed a firmware update. Somehow, Phil clicked on something that took him to a malicious website that asked him to enter the seed words of his Trezor to complete the update. After the process was finished, he saw his new balance of 14.2 bitcoins and locked his Trezor away.

Two months later in August, Phil bought some more Bitcoin and got his Trezor out to store the new coins. After entering his PIN, the wallet opened only to see that all 14.2 Bitcoins were moved out on July 29th. What a devastating sight.

Phil is 68 years old, retired, but still working a part-time job. His social security checks plus his meager wage are barely enough to live day-to-day, so there's not much left over for buying Bitcoin. Although he's trying, there's no way he'll ever be able to build up his holdings to 14.2 BTC again, to make sure his wife and Katie will be taken care of when he's gone.

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PLEASE help restore the 14.2 BTC stolen from Phil and his family.

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2nd interview with Pastor Phil on the

YES4Motivation YouTube Show

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